Traumatised Pets get help from Bach Flowers

We have recently we have been contacted by a number of concerned pet owners who are dealing with traumatised pets … many suffering the after-effects of the Christchurch earthquakes. Pet Guide contacted Amanda Warner, BFRAP (Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner) and she has very kindly shared her knowledge below.

Many people have heard of Rescue Remedy and probably have a bottle at home somewhere but are unaware that they can also use it for their pets!

There are actually 38 Bach Flower Remedies, the popular Rescue Remedy being a combination of five of the remedies. The 38 remedies where discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s in the UK and each remedy is used to balance a specific emotional state, e.g. fear, uncertainty, despondency, despair. Rescue Remedy is generally used to treat patients who are going through shock, trauma, difficult and demanding situations and is, therefore, the perfect remedy for some of your pets still traumatised by, say, the Christchurch earthquakes. Continue reading

Cat Behaviour – the neighbourhood bully

When a reader contacted Pet Guide with a problem with a neighbour’s cat, Lynne O’Malley from Natural Animal Solutions chimed in with some great advice. Now Lynne shares some expert insight about modifying cat behaviour. We think you’ll enjoy it …

Cats don’t always behave how we’d like them to, so how do we effectively change their behaviour and where do we begin?

cat behaviour on fence

Territorial cats can be bullies.

Whenever a behaviour problem arises it’s always wise to first rule out a physical cause. Provided the cat is given the all clear from a veterinarian, then attention can be turned to external causes.

Many behaviours that owners find inappropriate are, in fact, quite natural and instinctive. Scratching furniture, for example, is a common problem, but it’s not realistic to expect a cat living largely indoors to Continue reading