WIN a Pawtect Chemical-Free Flea and Tick Control Pendant

The Great Pawtect Prize Draw


pawtect pendantIf you’re anything like me you can be a bit squeamish about pouring chemicals all over your pets. And that can be tough because in certain parts of New Zealand, wicked little parasites such as fleas and ticks are very much a part of the household menagerie. Some summers we haven’t so much got an act in the flea circus as the entire troupe and stadium audience.

Then there’s the whole flea-worm synergy and as you travel along that track it’s just plain creepy.

So have we got a lovely surprise for you? YES, WE HAVE.

Have you heard of Pawtect? It’s a chemical-free flea and tick control pendant. It offers two years worth of protection and it supports your pet’s immune system and healthy skin. It’s a dinky little “silver bullet” which simply clips on to your pet’s collar.

Chemical-free. Clip and go.

The tremendous Sonja, at Pawtect, has very kindly given us two Pawtect pendants to give away … one for a cat and one for a dog.

pawtect cat and dog

Ed’s been wearing one for a couple of weeks, and we know he’s no super-model but you have to agree the old dude looks sharp (in a ’70s lounge lizard sort of way) with his silver bullet! So cool the fleas and ticks faint at the sight of him.

Ed wearing Pawtect

But enough from me. Onwards to the competition.

WIN one of two Pawtect chemical-free flea and tick control pendants. One for a cat and one for a dog.


In the comments section below write: 1) Your first name. 2) The town or suburb where you live (sorry, New Zealand residents only). 3) Whether your entry is for a cat or a dog, or both. 4) Then, in just a few words, explain quantum physics tell us what your pet thinks about fleas.

Contest ends Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 11.59pm.

And, while waiting for the contest to close head over to Pawtect to find out all about these snazzy pendants.


Each entry is numbered in the order they come in, starting at 1 (one). The Random Number Generator here will be used to select the winning number. If that entry is not valid (see Terms and Conditions) a new number will be generated.

Rules and Regulations of the Contest:
No purchase necessary to enter or win. Void where prohibited by law.
1. Unless otherwise stated, Pet Guide contests are open to all residents of New Zealand. Honestly, we would love to allow worldwide entries but the cost of delivering prizes is prohibitive. 2. Enter by responding to the question in this blog post in the comment area provided below. 3. The contest runs from now and the contest ends at 11:59 pm New Zealand time on Tuesday, November 22, 2011. Winning entries will be randomly drawn as per the guidelines above. 5. Prizewinner will be notified within approximately five days after the draw. If a potential winner declines to accept the prize, forfeits the prize, has violated any contest rule or is ineligible, the winner will be disqualified and a new prizewinner chosen. 5. Prize not transferable for cash and no exchanges will be made. 6. Employees of Pet Guide and sponsors and their immediate families cannot participate. 7. No correspondence will be entered into. 8. Entry is consent to use name for publicity purposes. 9. Other conditions may apply.

69 thoughts on “WIN a Pawtect Chemical-Free Flea and Tick Control Pendant

  1. Our dog Shadow thinks fleas bark! No one wants to sit with her and watching the tele is no fun when people keep telling you to just SIT still! already!

  2. I’m Cam and although my owner tells me I have no fleas I wonder whether they would be better than the stinky stuff she puts on me regularly. Please please can you send me some of this new stuff cause I reckon it sounds much better than what she is using now. Woof woof

  3. I have 1 dog and 3 cats (ok my dog is smaller than the cats but she is a dog.
    when Milly (dog) gets a flea she attacks herself till we find it either by spray and comb or bath. nothing keeps them off her, as soon as she goes outside see gets them again. the cats hate being sprayed but at least they don’t appear to be as bothered by fleas as the dog.

  4. Summers coming fast its warmed up already and Miss Ally is ready for her daily swims i dont need a bathing suit, But i do need to be protected against the warm terrors (FLEAS URGH) and i have a swimming buddy ready now all i need is that silver pendant and i will have my doggie bling..slip slap and plop into the waterways i go :)

  5. My dog spends alot of his time just chasing 1 flea. He has now learnt to come tell us and we will relieve him of his itch. The pendant sounds a wonderful idea. Great for our dog and time saving for us.

  6. My dog has a skin problem in summer which makes her itch, having fleas is a double whammy, she don’t like them at all. We have four cats too, they arn’t impressed with fleas.

  7. Adam- Southland NZ
    My dog does not like fleas at all.Horrid little blood sucking critters.This pawtec pendant sounds fantastic!

  8. AJ
    We have a twinkle cat and a tippy dog. Both are male, both are black and white, both think they’re the boss, both have attitude and personality plus….and both detest fleas! We try all the natural remedy’s, but have heard PawTect is the best.

  9. Harrison, LowerHutt I have a cat called Basil and a chihuahua dog called Marcello. Every summer Basil loves to bask in the garden bringing home with him a innumerable amount of fleas. It’s really a nightmare for Basil and Marcello and not to mention the family too. Our carpet and beds and everything become infested with fleas. Marcelloas a result becomes a flea bag! I know it irritates him as he wastes most of his energy scratching all day. I have tried everything flea bombs, powder and advantage treatment. Having a treatment that would last longer would be like winning the lottery for Marcello and Basil. Please help us out, it would be a dream come true!!!

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  11. tracey


    gizmo ( chihuahua)has a reaction to fleas and becomes patchy So its really something we have to really stay on top of …One thing about fleas is they a persistant buggars…..

  12. Keith and Leslie Whitehead
    Northland New Zealand

    Our first dog Butch had an allergy to fleas and he was really bad at scratching he would eat his back clean from scratching and he ended up with no skin on his back so we really dont want our new dog Hooch to suffer from fleas so we would really like to try this product for peace of mind.

  13. Elmo the dog and George the cat from Palmerston North both detest fleas so much they both sit in front of me itching and rubbing themselves, till they know they have got the message across that the fleas are back and need to go leave again!

  14. My cats love fleas, I think, as they appear to play with them everyday. I know when they are playing hide and seek as my cats try to part their fur with their claws to find them. They do this quite vigorously but I am sure the fleas don’t mind as they never leave and go somewhere else. I also think they fleas play ‘bite their bum’ as the cats are sleeping and then all of a sudden they leap up and fly across the room, stopping every now and again to rub with their claws just where the flea bit! I am pretty sure though that my cats would love to get rid of their fleas so they can have a bit of peace and quiet.

  15. Southland

    My Lab love water,food,playing ball,the beach.
    My Lab does not like Fleas!!!! Itchy little creepy crawlies…

  16. My wee dog hates fleas as it stops her and us sleeping with all that scratching as she wears a wee bell so we dont lose her in long grass(She is only 3KG.Scratching can lead to infection especially in her ears so fleas are double trouble

  17. Nikki is one of my cats that hates having her flea treatment,she thinks mum is being so mean and runs outside for at least two hours afterwards, so i think she would prefer something simple as this,she also had an allergic reaction to the previous treatment, so we need some help please, have three cats, but nikki is the one who really hates treatment of any kind

  18. Auckland
    George & Snow hate the fact that their human brother & sister blame them when they get flea bites & won’t let them sleep on their bed.

  19. Gemma Palmerston North
    I have a cat called Jemima and she hates fleas because it means she no longer gets to sleep at the end of our bed when she’s got a plague of them!

  20. Hamilton
    My name is Tyler, and since the arrival of two baby girls in my human family, I have slowly been shunted down the order in this family. Surely it isn’t my problem that I get fleas, and then I’m not allowed to sleep on one of my “sister”‘s beds because she gets bitten – what’s with that?? please help – yours itchily, Tyler.

  21. From Tawa, Wgtn. Crusoe my cat thinks fleas are like nits. He thinks their horrible to deal with and he hates to scratch them all day ESPECIALLY in front of his friends. Meow.

  22. Hamilton, Cat

    My cat hates fleas she twitches and needs natural anti anxiety drops to calm down. She even climbs the walls trying to get away when your trying to apply the flea treatment and its easy to tell when she’s just been de-fleaed as my arms have nices scratch marks down them.

  23. Kate, Auckland, for a cat
    My cat Charlotte obviously hates fleas – well, I’ve yet to met one that likes them! – but especially because she has sensitive skin and gets itchy enough as it is. She does not like having flea treatment applied either and gets in a mood with me for the rest of the day when I do it! So I’m delighted to find out about Pawtect and would love to give it a go!

  24. Angela Beaumont from Christchurch for my cat. Both of my cats get fleas and they hate them! They itch like crazy. They also affect my little man. Flea products that don’t have any harmful chemicals are important to me, not only for my cats but also for my young child. This product sounds great!

  25. My dog Maggie May has a flea allergy and costs me a fortune to make sure she stays flea free – this sounds like just the thing she needs!!!!!!!!!

  26. Erin – Karori – Dog
    My dog hates fleas, he scratches and bites his skin and goes crazy, it would be great to use something that lasts a long time and isnt lots of chemicals.

  27. My name is Hollie, I am a white long haired chihuahua with 3 other dogs and 2 cats as family. I am the only one where the chemicals do not work. My mum has tried everything to no avail. I need help…please.

  28. Alice – Auckland – 2 dogs
    Both of my dog hate flees, one more than the other, he will scratch and scratch like there is no tomorrow

  29. I have 2 cats but only one gets fleas (they hate each other so don’t make contact) – the fleas drive her mad and she hates me dosing her

  30. my dog really doesn’t like them,what animal does she scratches a lot and a regular weekly wash helps over summer if flea treatment doesn’t seem to work,she still gets the little suckers as i have cats too.

  31. Our dog Bindy doesn’t seem to be bothered by fleas too often but boy do those ticks have a great time! She sniffs the tiny ones out if they drop on the floor and jumps back like a scalded cat when she spots one!

  32. Jenni (& Stella-dog & Chloe-cat), Motueka
    Fleas are a pain in the bum – literally sometimes! and both would prefer a chemical free way to get rid of them as hate the smell and feel of Frontline going on their skin..

  33. Czar(dog) and Missy(cat) both get peeved off with fleas and us owners also get peeved when there is no immediate solution. They both would love theses please!

  34. My cat, Jackson, says “Daddy get rid of these nasty, creepy, crawly fleas off me” (Jack has a natural aversion to fleas).

  35. Kristy, Paihia, for a dog. My dog, Spike, is a fox terrior and he hates fleas and flea treatments with a vengeance!! He also is allergic to some of the flea treatments which makes it really hard to know what to buy!

  36. Briana
    My dog,Zeno, hates them, and so do we, and I feel so sorry to see him scratching himself, but he has really sensitive skin so we have to be careful what we use.

  37. 1) Jarrod Guckert 2) Hillsborough, Christchurch 3) entry is for a small dog and 2 cats.

    4) /my pets all hate fleas with 1 of the cats hating that chemical stuff for flea treatment, she runs away as soon as she smells it when i open it to apply and if i dont manage to get it on i wont see her for a few days. and the dog is a westie and hates fleas more then the cats, she gets skin problems and flea bites make it a whole lot worse, she also has a problem with her back leg/knee so i’m thinking this would help that too. I’m planning on buying one for the dog and see how it goes and then get them for the cats too.

  38. 1) Julie Tomlinson
    2) Hillsborough, Christchurch
    3) a small dog

    We hate fleas, they are nasty little things that bite me and make me itchy and my skin red and sore and if i have fleas mum wont let me sleep in bed with her so i have to sleep alone in my crate.

    4) /my pets all hate fleas with 1 of the cats hating that chemical stuff for flea treatment, she runs away as soon as she smells it when i open it to apply and if i dont manage to get it on i wont see her for a few days. and the dog is a westie and hates fleas more then the cats, she gets skin problems and flea bites make it a whole lot worse, she also has a problem with her back leg/knee so i’m thinking this would help that too. I’m planning on buying one for the dog and see how it goes and then get them for the cats too.

  39. 1) Julie Tomlinson
    2) Hillsborough, Christchurch
    3) a small dog

    We hate fleas, they are nasty little things that bite me and make me itchy and my skin red and sore and if i have fleas mum wont let me sleep in bed with her so i have to sleep alone in my crate.

  40. I’d love to try this new invention out on my cat and dog! If it works I have heaps of customers who would be interested in buying them… wonder why I’ve not heard of it before!

  41. Sonia Wilson
    Cats and dogs (3 cats and two dogs)

    Hey don’t think much of them judgng by the way they perform like itchy and scratchy and I like them even less….yick

  42. My cat Dina hates fleas! As she is a white cat she already has 3 illnesses, and when you add fleas, it certainly doesnt help! She ends up scratching all the fur and skin off of her lil ears trying to get that damn persistant flea. It would probably make her summer if she won this :p

  43. Liz – Otaki – Cats and Dogs
    I don’t know what my pets think about fleas, but they sure do take offence at being called fleabags.

  44. My dog and cat both hate fleas. Last year my dog got bitten so bad, and that was after giving him flea treatment, that he had to go visit the vet to get treatment.

    We hate fleas, they are the worst thing my cat and dog hate!

  45. Debbie, Tikokino, Sam the Jack Russell, he hates those thirsty bloodsuckers, they give him a terrible rash and he just can’t stop scratching.

  46. Jess (dog) does not like fleas and everytime I use one of those treatments she gives me THAT look of utter contempt. Ugh now I have phantom itches thinking of those horrible things.

  47. Nesh – Grey Lynn, Auckland – Dog
    Bear is a little dog and seems to almost always get fleas towards the end of each months flea treatment. I hate using all those chemicals on my little guy.

  48. Nat – Wellington. Luci the Griffon
    We scratch and scratch and scratch and scratch, rattling our collar and tags and waking up the house!

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