Wag N Walk – more than just a stroll in the park

Wag ‘N Walk Some More


VetCare Grey LynnWith competitions, fun events and exhibitions also taking place at The Warehouse Petplan Wag ‘N Walk, the December 3, 2011 event could well see the Auckland Domain turning into a canine Sweetwaters (old enough, anyone?). And like any grand event it’s easy to get all swept up in the moment and next thing you know Fido’s in the mosh pit casting off his collar and overdosing on the scent of a thousand new bottoms.

But fear ye not!

When your delinquent and over-wrought dog needs to “kick it in the chill-out tent” for a while, Fido will be in good hands.

Alex Melrose, of VetCare Grey Lynn, and his troops are the Wag ‘N Walk vets ─ sort of like the St Johns, but for dogs. They’re there to help with all of your dog’s health needs. Obviously Alex won’t be performing open heart surgery or cruciate repairs on the day but he and the VetCare team will be happy to attend to any acute issues, answer questions and chat about your pet’s health.

Some of them will look like this …

VetCare team

Cut out the picture and take it with you, then be sure to say “Hi!”

Tickets and more Wag ‘N Walk information right here.

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